We are a small think-and-do-tank
with a mission to mobilize the law
and lawyers for climate action.


Our areas of focus

INVESTMENT LAW: We advocate for amendment and reinterpretation of international investment law to align with and support global climate goals. Building on our experience in investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS), we conduct research, publish thought-pieces, and speak at events around the world.   


IMPACT LITIGATION: We assist and collaborate with other actors in bringing strategic cases designed to enforce climate obligations, to fulfil climate-related rights, or to raise awareness of the need to balance climate priorities and commercial interests.


CLIMATE LAW AND BUSINESS: We offer executive trainings, workshops and advisory services to help law firms and companies raise their understanding of climate law and risks – including climate-related disputes and the risk of greenwashing claims if policy is not backed by sufficient action.


MOBILIZING LAWYERS: We conceive, plan and manage campaigns, publications, and events related to our core mission of mobilizing law and lawyers for climate action. Our experience ranges from crowdsourcing initiatives to high-level conferences, and we are plugged into a broad international network of experts and thought leaders.


Examples of past and current work are listed on our Projects page.


Misty Morning

"All law firms should work to raise awareness on climate change." - Anja Ipp